About us

Child Hug Uganda (CHU) is a non-governmental, community-based organization in Lira, Northern Uganda. It was founded in 2011 with the general objective of providing support and bringing hope to the community. The focus is on empowering disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, particularly women and children, through access to good education and health services.

The organization is legally registered under the Non-governmental Organization Registration Statue 1989, Regulation 1990, and the Local Government Act 1997 and amendment 2001 (Reg. No: LDLG/2013/236). It is also registered in the Lira NGO Forum (Reg. No: F/NGO/LR/1161).


CHU supports children (often orphans and/or HIV+) by covering their school fees and scholastic materials, and offers vocational training programs to the youth. So far, 21 children are enrolled in schools. 80 are registered and wait for donations. Successful vocational training programs included courses in auto mechanics, wood work, and hair cutting. The duration ranged from a couple of weeks up to one year.

 Medical Services

CHU offers medical services through its own clinic, situated close to rural areas. Here, it provides free HIV testing and counseling, free cervical cancer screening and free HPV vaccination. Lab services, medical treatment (also stationary), immunization, family planning, and psychosocial support are also offered but for a small fee due to lack of funding (CHU covers around 50% of the costs).


In June 2016, CHU launched a new project to promote physical activity among the youth. 24 young men (aged 19-30) and 7 young ladies (aged 16-23) participate in ball and net games at Amuca primary school. They meet daily in the evenings and compete against other teams from time to time.

Linking education and health

CHU combines education and health by holding educational sessions on health topics, conducting research to explore community needs, and then organizing community outreach activities, such as vaccinations in the surrounding villages. By focusing on these two main areas, CHU aims to bring hope to the community, to improve the quality of life, and to set the foundation for sustainable development and a better future for those vulnerable people and war victims living in the area.