While working for a different organizations for four years, I happened to meet  parents of children, both orphans and vulnerable. Many of these parents and children were HIV positive. After some years, many died and even more orphans were left alone. I became close to these people, and we were family beside work. I decided to take responsibility and to be there for them. I started to visit them weekly in their villages. One day, a thirteen year-old hopeless orphan, whose parents died when he was two, called me and said: “I want to give you my personal words of thanks for all you have done for me.” My heart broke. I decided that I wanted to do more and help more children to get a better life.

I then called my great friend Nicholas who was always there for me whenever I needed help to come. We went to the village and found a little boy helpless, not having the strength to sit. It made me sad and I prayed for the little boy for several minutes. As I prayed, it seemed as God poured his compassion for him into my heart. Although he looked hopeless from the outside and had been deemed unimportant to man, I knew that God saw him differently. I knew that in the midst of suffering salvation and restoration would be brought. I also knew that me and my best friend Nicholas would take part and help.

And so, Child Hug Uganda orphan relief work was born.


We will care for the orphans

Whenever the child may be found

If he is thirsty, we will give him drink

Whenever hungry, we will give her bread

If he is naked, we will clothe him

Whenever homeless, we will shelter her

We will always be there for them.

Our task is big; our belief is bigger. Even in the most helpless situation, it is possible to restore, redeem, fill with love, remove burdens, and set the captive free. Bringing joy, laughter and dignity to lives. Child Hug Uganda has set its goal to help the vulnerable, the invisible, the ones in need. Together we join our skills, experience and motivation to bring hope to the community, give children a brighter future, and make this a better place to live. We will see great and marvelous things. I hope you’ll join us.

Written by Larem Jack

Director at CHU