Support us!

We need YOU to empower our community and change lives!

There are several ways you can help our disadvantaged children, youth, mothers and HIV infected. It all depends on your skills and resources, your aid does not necessarily have to be financial. What you can do:

Sponsor a child in need!

> Donate to our projects in health and education!

> Share and like us on social media! Invite your friends!

> Send us words of support and share ideas for improvement!

> Visit us!

> Volunteer with us (online or in Lira)!

There are many opportunities to become active. We need every helping hand, idea and donation to provide our services to the community. Interested in volunteering? We are looking for passionate project leaders, data collectors editors, consultants and web designers who could dedicate a few hours per month up the overall goal. Just send us a message and join the team!

Account name: Child Hug Uganda
Account no: 01981021001904
Shift code: DFCUUGKA
Name of bank: dfcu Bank