Child Hug Uganda’s Mission Medical Clinic is located in Adyang-opiro Village, Amuca parish, Lira City West Division, Lira City. It is opened 24/7, and the health personnel include two medical doctors and two nurses. At the medical clinic, we offer the following services:

  • Lab services,
  • Medical treatment and stationary care,
  • HIV counselling and testing,
  • Immunization and vaccination,
  • Family planning and reproductive health services,
  • Cervical cancer screening and vaccination.

Most patients are treated for parasitic infections (malaria and intestinal worms), infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB Hepatitis), road and household injuries, and fungal infections due to poor hygiene.

In the middle of 2016, we opened a new building for the health clinic to expand out activities, to improve quality of services, and to increase the number of stationary beds.

In future, we aim to build a mobile unit to visit and provide aid to people who face barriers to access medical services. These include the rural and marginalized population (such as prostitutes, street children, neglected senior citizens and, destitute families). In addition, we want to create a helpline for people to call for assistance, which the mobile unit will respond to.