A society where all vulnerable people including children live to their full rights and participate in all areas of socio-economic development.


To ensure all vulnerable persons in war affected zone of Northern Uganda are fully integrated and reintegrated in communities through rehabilitation, education and psychosocial support.


Improve health and the socioeconomic situation of vulnerable groups (often former war victims) through the provision of psychosocial support, economic empowerment, medical rehabilitation, and educational support, so that they gain natural resilience and can plan their own future. This means in specific:

  • To provide tuition and scholastic materials to children in need
  • To develop specific skills through vocational training programs
  • To offer medical care to rural and poor areas
  • To educate people on certain health issues to improve prevention and rehabilitation
  • To create social stability and awareness on reproductive health issues such as contraceptive methods and STIs (HIV/ AIDS, HPV/ cervical cancer…)
  • To improve access to safe and clean water for the community
  • To set up specific programs and events to care for women, widows, children, orphans and other needy and disadvantaged people
  • To create and enter into partnership with other NGOs and CSOs in a non-competitive learning and giving atmosphere in order to achieve a common or related goal.

Our guiding principles

The Organization advocates the importance of:

  • Compassion for others
  • A healthy and moral existence
  • Living with awareness
  • Development.