Vocational training


The educational process of many older children has been interrupted by LRA war, poverty and family tragedies. Many in their mid-to-late teens have not even been able to finish primary school and therefore have only little hope when thinking about their future. Other young people are just not academically inclined and would like to work with their hands instead.  Child Hug Uganda created a vocational training program for these young people.



By offering vocational training, we aim to create stability, skills and financial independence for our youth, coming from the most war affected areas in Northern Uganda. We want to enhance life skills in our communities and thereby improve the standard of living.


Child Hug Uganda started its first vocational training program in 2013 with 20 boys and girls who were between 14 and 20 years old.  So far, we have provided training in both motor vehicle repair and motor bike repair, wood work, and hair dressing. Courses took place for one or two years. We have seen their lives change to a hopeful future.

To give an example, a total of 45 youth in number were trained in  auto mechanics and motor repairing, this was successfully done through acquiring youth Funds from Lira sub-county which facilitated the programs for a period of 12 months. These youth got skills and knowledge after the training and some have been employed at the training institution while others left to start their own small garage in their villages, hence promoting self-sustainability and reduction in poverty


Future projects

In the future, we would train additional people in tailoring and auto mechanics.

We want to offer a one-year course in tailoring at our site to empower the career development and financial independence of young women and girls from the12234885_505374156308081_6194393558052916410_n surrounding villages who face hardship and have not yet experienced any formal training. Classes will take place in the mornings and afternoons, and during the weekends participants can use the machines for further practice and private use. Participants will be offered opportunities to sew e.g. school uniforms, clothing for private persons, and reusable menstruation pads for our organization. The received amount can  be used to buy their own materials and machine after completing the course. We will encourage most women to work in the villages, as there is a lack of skilled tailors. Women will be able to run their own business (at home), work creatively and be able to combine it with their family responsibilities.

We aim to empower the career development of 20 young adults by providing them skills and knowledge in auto mechanics. The one-year course will take place at Bala Engineering garage, located in Jinja Camp, Lira town. This garage is the place where our previous students acquired their training and skills. It is a private owned garage and will require us to pay for training fees, accommodation, and insurance. It is well known for high quality training and we are sure that students will have acquired sufficient knowledge after one year. Training in auto mechanics is very expensive. Most of the young people we focus on are not able to finance it without support.

These projects will be very expensive. We need your support to develop skills and brighten the future of the disadvantaged youth. Please